AD4606 Fashion Brand Development

Extending Zara

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I choose to base this module on Zara. Within this module I was given a major module brief to ‘Extend an Existing Brands’. I was told to choose an existing bricks & mortar fast fashion brand and to research, explore and seek out trends within lifestyle, music, subcultures, politics, economics, technology and fashion that could inspire a new male/female/gender neutral collection.

Within this Illustrated Brand Report (2000 words) I had to include research defining Zara’s Seven Ps within the marketing mix. Also within the brand report I ensured I covered topics from previous lectures including the Target Audience: Segmentation and Psychology of Promotion, AIDA & Path-to-Purchase, Retail Strategies, Lifestyle & socio-economic political trends affecting Zara. To make sure I met the criteria of the brief I had to include a list of references APA style and one designed graph of financial data.

Following on from completing this section of the module I will continue to produce work within this module to extend Zara by creating an illustrated Portfolio of Brand Development for Zara.

Zoe Evans

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