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The Narrative // Look One

For a recent presentation I created a layout of each look, including spec drawings. I included fabric swatches and toiles of each garment. I noted the problems and hiccups I encountered and what I plan to do to change them. Keeping a record of images in a diary, enabled me to look back through the phases of each toile and continue to improve the fluidity of my collection.

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The Narrative //

My name is Beki and i am a 27 year old ‘mature student’. This blog will follow the journey of my sketchbook and how my collection is now communicating itself as a standalone, non-binary brand. My sketchbook follows a muse throughout, looking directly at her features, past and body language and how this translates into a persona. My muse is Tilda Swinton.

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Hidden Beauty //

I’m Kathryn a 22 year old design student. My 3rd year of study has enabled me to find a new found love in both Menswear and Knitwear. This blog will follow my journey of combining these with my minimalist design style and love of functional design elements. My research has developed into a concept of hidden beauty displayed through elements of functionality taken from World War Two uniform.

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The brief // Fashion Concept Development

Year 3 Students

For this module students have researched and developed sketchbooks over the summer ahead of a presentation on the start of term. The sketchbooks are on going sources of inspiration and a jumping point for the work to continue and develop into designs and collections.

For a presentation in February, students must have 3-4 looks toiled with all finishes applied in appropriate fabric to the final garment. A power point will support the presentation with fabric samples, concept development diaries and a fully drawn line up for the collection. The module will then be complete and will become the new module, Creative Development and Realisation.