My first garment: A Work of Fiction


Based from the happy memories of listening to Tolkien’s, The Hobbit on cassette, narrated by Stephan Fry, I created this whimsical print design. I wanted to create something that exuded the warmth of a truly happy point in my life but something that also showed a feeling of Tolkien’s world.

The t-shirt pattern is made from a mixture of hand painted images and Photoshop. I used bright colours to bring out the warmth of my memories. I wanted to have an oversized T-shirt and raw edges to create a slightly unkempt look.

My model showed this look off wonderfully. We paired the t-shirt with chunky lace up boots, knee high socks and a leather jacket. For the makeup and hair I wanted to create a wild tribal look.

The t-shirt was fun to make and a good introduction into fashion design.