Topshop Brand Report

For my fashion brand development module, I was asked to choose a fast fashion brand to create a brand report for.

My chosen brand was Topshop, I decided to choose Topshop as just like most young girls I like to shop at Topshop, so I found it exciting researching further into the brand. I started off by visiting my local Topshop stores (not that I don’t already!) and just gathering information by looking at the store layout, who was coming in and out of the store and how their current collections were visual merchandised.

The second part of my research started by analysing the Topshop website and researching into the brands history. I then continued to research into how Topshop has changed since first opening in 1964 and what the brand has done to keep it a ‘must have’ high street brand.

Due to social media being on the rise and playing such a big part in everybody’s lives now, my final part of my research took place by analysing Topshop’s social media and comparing them to other high street fast fashion brands.

I then started to gather inspiration for my brand report layout by looking at other brand reports on issue and creating illustrations in my sketchbook until I had a mock-up of a layout that I thought was brand appropriate.

Finally, I designed my brand report using a software called InDesign and started off by designing a template of my layout and then added my information and images that I had gathered