Brand Management moodboard


One of the modules I’m working on at the moment is Fashion Brand Management. The brief is to take a fast fashion brand and propose how I would extend their current collection. I’ve chosen to look at Topman, as I thought it would be interesting to research a menswear brand.

My proposal is that Topman create a sustainable collection that would be housed only in their specialist General Store, which is located in Shoreditch, east London. Sustainability is a subject I’m quite passionate about, and I think it would be a marketable extension to Topman’s brand. The General Store stocks items that cater to a different target audience than Topman’s other stores. The décor is original, and the store also stocks items such as books and magazines.

For my proposed collection, I have looked at basing it on natural elements. I looked at an emerging trend, written about on WGSN, entitled Humanature. The trend talks about embracing nature, and using tactile materials and handmade techniques.

This moodboard is a collection of images based on my initial ideas for the collection. I think it communicates my idea well, and I’m looking forward to researching and pushing the idea further.