Print Project


This was project was inspired by my chosen narrative about a journey and change in direction. I decided to look at a poem by William Wordsworth which I was able to relate to and start to generate some visual concepts and ideas. Through developing my research I was able to create interesting patterns and shapes which I could bring to photoshop and experiment with.


My first garment: A Work of Fiction


Based from the happy memories of listening to Tolkien’s, The Hobbit on cassette, narrated by Stephan Fry, I created this whimsical print design. I wanted to create something that exuded the warmth of a truly happy point in my life but something that also showed a feeling of Tolkien’s world.

The t-shirt pattern is made from a mixture of hand painted images and Photoshop. I used bright colours to bring out the warmth of my memories. I wanted to have an oversized T-shirt and raw edges to create a slightly unkempt look.

My model showed this look off wonderfully. We paired the t-shirt with chunky lace up boots, knee high socks and a leather jacket. For the makeup and hair I wanted to create a wild tribal look.

The t-shirt was fun to make and a good introduction into fashion design.

Narrative Print

This was the first piece of work I completed while being a first year. The brief we were given was ‘Narrative’ with an aim of to produce a printed T-Shirt or Jersey. We had to think of a song, book or poem which created an image in our minds and influenced us. I chose to look at song lyrics from Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking out Loud’ and James Arthur’s ‘Say you won’t let go’. The lyrics for me created an image of the cycle of love and death and the happy times as well as the heart breaks you can have from love, such as losing a loved one. I really wanted to express these lyrics through my print and the best way I realised this could be done is through the Day of the Dead, as it’s a festival which celebrates people’s lives and has the juxtaposing of happiness with bright colours and flowers, but the sadness of death and heartbreak with skulls and dull aspects of the fashion from the festival. I created my print through my own sketches as well as image influences from the festival.


Narrative Print

This is the first piece of work I completed, it was a narrative project. We had to choose either a song, a poem, a book or a quote. Mine was to do with losing old memories and regaining new memories, that’s why I chose flowers to put on my print because flowers represent things such as trust, love etc. I chose the colour black and white because black represents darkness and white is more of a nice soft colour and less harsh.


Ashley’s Print Design Project

Chester university year 1’s first textile project was all about print. The brief had to relate back to the individual designer’s personal objects. My objects were a collection of things I had brought home whilst on holiday or achievements I had done like a marathon/triathlon.
The objects that really stood out for me was the tweety armband I had brought home from Zante, a medal from completing the Chester half marathon, a happy birthday badge from my 18th and a V fest wristband.

After rearranging the objects in various positions I finally came up with my final print. I then had to transfer my print on to Photoshop, once arranged on Photoshop the print was transferred to the digital printer. Once the print was printed I then had to sew the garment together.

Print Design Project.

For one of our first projects we created a look based around a narrative that was taken from lyrics or poems. I began with a song from kodaline and then developed a mood board based on some of the lyrics It consisted of birds, love and anything with a sense of freedom. From this I went onto looking at an array of artists and contemporary dancers in particular taking inspiration from Matisse’s paper cut outs on which I went onto creating my own and putting then up against a window to produce different effects from the natural sunlight. My print design was then formed after manipulating different images from my cut outs on Photoshop, and layering a number of images and changing things such as the hue, saturation and opacity etc. _mg_6207

The Narrative // Look One

For a recent presentation I created a layout of each look, including spec drawings. I included fabric swatches and toiles of each garment. I noted the problems and hiccups I encountered and what I plan to do to change them. Keeping a record of images in a diary, enabled me to look back through the phases of each toile and continue to improve the fluidity of my collection.

Look One.jpg


The Narrative //

My name is Beki and i am a 27 year old ‘mature student’. This blog will follow the journey of my sketchbook and how my collection is now communicating itself as a standalone, non-binary brand. My sketchbook follows a muse throughout, looking directly at her features, past and body language and how this translates into a persona. My muse is Tilda Swinton.

concept board.jpg
Concept Board//