Brief // Research, explore and seek out trends in lifestyle, music, subcultures, politics, economics, technology and fashion that could inspire a new male/female/gender neutral collection in one existing bricks & mortar- based fast fashion brand.

After receiving our brief for Fashion Brand Development, I decided to look and develop the world renowned fashion brand Zara, personally because it’s one of my favourite places to shop and therefore getting the opportunity to explore the brand more excited me.

I completed a brand report defining the brands seven P’s as part of its marketing mix as well as covering topics such as target audience, AIDA and path to purchase, all of which have been topics covered in lectures throughout the year.

Following on from completion, I will now develop a digital research file showing images and facts of where I found all my relevant information as well as a portfolio which will be illustrated showing visuals of the new clothing line for my chosen brand to extend its offering.

// Beth Sargent

// Click the following link to view full brand report.