The Marketing Mix: Dolce & Gabbana

The first mini brief carried out for Introduction to Fashion Marketing and Communication involved the production of three printed mood boards. Previously we had been exploring the seven marketing mix elements so now it was time to apply this concept to a luxury ready-to-wear brand. Dolce & Gabbana stood out as an interesting brand to explore due to its Sicilian roots.


The first mood board is based upon product and people therefore there are many images of the opulent and luxurious garments that adorned the catwalk. In regards to people, the brand like to keep the consumers fully informed on the latest collections which was the inspiration behind the image of the newsletter subscription.

bailey_l_minibrief12Price, promotion and place are the themes for the second mood board. As you can see social media is one of the main promotional platforms used for the brand as well as the use of high profile celebrities to endorse the garments. The price for these garments is very high due to the quality and luxurious nature of the garments.

bailey_l_minibrief13Finally the third mood board focused on process and physical environment. The sleek and elegant designs of the stores can be seen in the various images used. The process of how the team construct the garments is also highlighted due to the importance of having a highly skilled team.


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