Narrative Print

This was the first piece of work I completed while being a first year. The brief we were given was ‘Narrative’ with an aim of to produce a printed T-Shirt or Jersey. We had to think of a song, book or poem which created an image in our minds and influenced us. I chose to look at song lyrics from Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking out Loud’ and James Arthur’s ‘Say you won’t let go’. The lyrics for me created an image of the cycle of love and death and the happy times as well as the heart breaks you can have from love, such as losing a loved one. I really wanted to express these lyrics through my print and the best way I realised this could be done is through the Day of the Dead, as it’s a festival which celebrates people’s lives and has the juxtaposing of happiness with bright colours and flowers, but the sadness of death and heartbreak with skulls and dull aspects of the fashion from the festival. I created my print through my own sketches as well as image influences from the festival.



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